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Pieces & Peace Puzzles

Let us introduce the artists and illustrators of Pieces & Peace! Each artist has their own style, inspiration and favourite topics. They all have one thing in common: their illustrations are an invitation to travel and celebrate nature. There's nothing like spending a pleasant moment relaxing in slow life mode, and taking time for yourself, while assembling beautiful puzzles.

Alain Thomas
Alain Thomas Puzzle

Alain Thomas is a leading artist in the field of primitive naive painting, and his imagination offers enchanting escapes from reality for the time of a puzzle! Self-taught and precocious, this artist showcases a joyful and colourful nature. After a 60 year career, the artist from Nantes has an incredible number of works to his name. We have selected seven of his paintings for you: Golden Conure, White Tiger, Blue Toucan, Perruche Royale, Flamants des Caraïbes, Toucan Ariel and Araçari à Collier. Let yourself be carried away by the timeless works of this artist!

Bex Parkin
Bex Parkin Puzzle

Here is another talented English illustrator for Pieces & Peace! Wildlife holds no secrets for her! Loving to draw fauna and flora, Bex offers colourful visuals where animals are the leading subjects. We have chosen for you the superb "Greenhouse Tiger", with its majestic tiger, as well as the "Cheetah in Morocco", with its beautiful wild cat!

Chloé Weinfeld
Chloé Weinfeld Puzzle

Chloé Weinfeld stands out thanks to her illustrations created in gouache and a unique world filled with colour. For Pieces & Peace, she created the marvellous “Pastèque Party” available as a 500 piece puzzle. The talented artist combines imaginary architectural details with lively colours and pays particular attention to details and atmospheres. Her work sparks joy and well-being. Dive into the world of Chloé Weinfeld!

Claire Duplouy
 Claire Duplouy Puzzle

Claire Duplouy is a painter living in Brittany. She creates watercolour paintings composed of countless dots, lines and colours. Gardens, flowers, forests: she finds her inspiration in nature and the changing seasons. Her Vegetation is available as a 500 piece puzzle from Pieces & Peace.

Coralie Fau
Coralie Fau Puzzle

Coralie Fau, also known as "Imposteuse", is a French freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She works for publishing, press and advertising. At Pieces & Peace, we fell in love with her colourful, feel-good illustrations. You will find two of Coralie's creations in our collection: "Piscine naturelle", an immersion in nature with pretty shades of pink and green, and "Porto" and its typical azulejo façade.

Dans Les Dents
 Dans Les Dents Puzzle

Discover the naive, modern and colourful world of Guillaume Denau, aka Dans les Dents. The illustrator and graphics designer hails from Nantes in western France and showcases this city's most beautiful treasures in the illustrations “Nantes Extraordinaire By Night” and "Nantes City". His charming images also include "Rennes City", "Hey Hey My My", "Le Musicien Barbu" and more. Enjoy a stroll through his world full of joy and colour while assembling these extraordinary jigsaw puzzles!

Hebe Studio
Hebe Studio Puzzle

We've fallen in love with this talented English illustrator! Discover the colourful universe of Rhi James for Hebe Studio. The artist's works are a real invitation to travel! Barcelona, India, Morocco, Portugal, Italy... Assemble the nine puzzles we have selected for you, piece by piece.

Jean Mallard
 Jean Mallard Puzzle

Jean Mallard was trained in Paris' School of Decorative Arts and enchants us with his unique works of art. He creates imaginary worlds full of poetry, inspired by Henri „Le Douanier“ Rousseau and artistic techniques from all over the world. His Marché Ballaro or the Village Lointain are sure to enchant you, piece by piece.

Kamyira Puzzle

Dive into the colourful universe of Kamyira, an artist inspired by her travels and nature, who brilliantly illustrated four of our puzzles. Discover magnificent pink flamingoes in “Flamingo“, the Mediterranean landscapes of “Kalefonia“, a walk on the wild side of nature in “Jungle Heart“ and let your imagination travel with the breathtaking “Dream Destination“ and its travel-minded tortoise. Simply irresistible!

Laura Lhuillier
Laura Lhuillier Puzzle

Arual is a French illustrator well-known in the wonderful world of puzzles! With a naive style, she takes us into her joyful and poetic imaginary world. Nature is a source of inspiration for Laura, who likes to draw beautiful landscapes. Her illustrations put women in the spotlight, which you can see in our beautiful selection of puzzles by the artist! We have selected three colourful visuals from her: Swimming Pool, Blue Garden and Riad. Discover them now!

Maguelone du Fou
 Maguelone du Fou Puzzle

We are overjoyed to announced a new partnership with an exceptional artist: Maguelone du Fou. Maguelone works for the press and in children's literature, but she also creates posters and stationery. Her illustrations sport stunning colours and lovingly drawn details. Discover her unique and joyful style while assembling the puzzle "Soleil en terrasse".

Maja Tomljanovic
Maja Tomljanovic Puzzle

Maja is a Croatian illustrator, who after 10 years of working as a graphic designer, decided to devote herself fully to her art. Travelling is a real source of inspiration for her. We have selected four illustrations of quite distinct style among her work. First, discover "Catching The Sun", a summertime visual inviting you to have a good time under the Portuguese sun. Afterwards you can explore the "Forest City" and enjoy a walk in nature. With "Santorini" you can enjoy a vacation without actually leaving your puzzle table, and "Fall" will take you on an autumn walk.

Marie Boiseau
 Marie Boiseau Puzzle

Discover illustrations full of live, colour and loving detail, created by Marie Boiseau! Marie's main inspirations for her beautiful images are nature and femininity. Pieces & Peace showcases her talent through four 500 and 1.000 piece puzzles called “Au Marché”, “Foule”, “A la Cuisine” and “Plant Nerd”. Discover them now – you won't be able to resist!

Midnight to 6
Midnight to 6 Puzzle

Here are some puzzles that will blow you away! Eleanor Mountfort, under the pseudonym of Midnight To 6, takes us into her world where nature is supreme. With illustrations in shades of pink and green, admire the "Victorian Greenhouse" and the "Moroccan Dipping Pool", and their soothing atmosphere !

Millie Putland
 Millie Putland Puzzle

Millie Putland is a British illustrator also known as Millie Illustrates. She started to work as an illustrator during the lockdown, wishing to escape, to create colourful landscapes far from the anxiety-inducing context of the pandemic. Discover her style, her use of poetry and soft, luminous colours. Enjoy a lovely time with the puzzles "Covent Garden", "Portofino", "Dubrovnik", "Nice", "Florence", "Polperro" – and Cappadocia's beautiful hot air balloons.

Miranda Sofroniou
Miranda Sofroniou Puzzle

Miranda is an English illustrator living in Australia. She likes to draw nature and is inspired by her trips to create visuals you will love to assemble. Her drawings are detailed and rich in colour, which is why we originally chose three of her designs to include in the Pieces & Peace range! Our puzzles showcase Miranda's talent for illustrating scenes of everyday life. Chill out at the beach with a "Day at the Beach", relax in a luxurious greenhouse with 'Botanical Garden', and take some time for yourself in the "London Cafe"! For our new collection, Miranda has created three new puzzles all about nature: "Country Walk", "Cats and Plants" and "Plant Lady"!

Nidhi Kachhadiya
Nidhi Kachhadiya Puzzle

Nidhi Kachhadiya, artiste et illustratrice indépendante autodidacte originaire d’Inde, a une passion pour la création artistique. Ses œuvres sont profondément influencées par ses propres voyages à travers le monde. Particulièrement sensible à l'univers artistisque de Nidhi, nous vous proposons d'assembler ses jolis puzzles « Morocco Hôtel » en 500 pièces ainsi que « Koutoubia Mosque Morocco » et « Christmas in London » en 1000 pièces.

Nolwenn Studio
Nolwenn Studio Puzzle

Nolwenn Denis' artwork is so prolific that it was very difficult for us to choose! No less than seven creations of this artist are included in the Pieces & Peace collection! Italy, Argentina, Morocco, the French Riviera... discover dream landscapes that remind us of holidays, escapades and relaxation. With particularly colourful illustrations, assembling Nolwenn Denis’ puzzles will be a real moment of escape and joy.

Orane Sigal
Orane Sigal Puzzle

Discover the world of Orane Sigal, an illustrator from Lyon who offers visuals with bold colours and a unique style. With very detailed illustrations, Orane's work is ideal for puzzlers who love rich designs. Inspired by artists such as Matisse and the Douanier Rousseau, Orane is a talented wildlife illustrator. Just as we did, you will for sure fall under the spell of her resolutely modern creations !
Pieces & Peace offers five puzzles by Orane Sigal: The Birth of the Bird, the Drôme Summer, the Bouquet, the Pink Flamingos and the Nude with a Cigarette. These visuals are published in 1,000, 1,500 or 2,000 pieces.

Sabina Fenn
Sabina Fenn Puzzle

Discover the paintings of Canadian artist Sabina Fenn. Her visuals, with their soft notes and comforting spirit, are a perfect cap to our puzzle collection! Sabina Fenn's illustrations are available in 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 pieces. Five images are included in our range. Take a look at "Moroccan Dream" which takes you on a journey, the "Resort Lobby" with its lush vegetation and “The Toy Store's” lovely Christmas display.

Sara Boccaccini Meadows
Sara Boccaccini Meadows Puzzle

Discover the style of English illustrator Sara Boccaccini Meadows. A true multi-talent, she is an illustrator of children's books, a textile designer, and a creator of illustrations for the puzzle world in particular. Travel and nature are major sources of inspiration for her. Two jigsaw puzzles are included in the Pieces & Peace jigsaw range: the "Wine Country Hike" with its hills inviting you to go on a journey via your jigsaw puzzle; and the "Pink Castle" with its soft colours, which has a great charm.

Sarah Gesek Studio
Sarah Gesek Studio Puzzle

Meet Sarah, an American artist and illustrator, who has decided to dedicate herself to her passion for painting in early 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic. Celebrating nature, Sarah's illustrations are both colourful and poetic. Four Pieces & Peace puzzles have been designed by the artist. Discover the "Japanese Garden" in red-orange tones. Assemble the "Tea with Marianne", a real invitation to spend some quality time at home. Go for a walk in the "Balboa Park" and take a trip through the detailed landscape of "Train Travel"., with its detailed landscape. Sarah's work is simply irresistible !

Simply Katy
 Simply Katy Puzzle

Discover a series of travel focused images created by Katy Alcock, also known as Simply Katy. She showcases six cities: Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Bruges and London. Discover Katy's unique style and her detailed, colourful illustrations, that are a pleasure to assemble. Which will be your favourite? “Barcelona's” colourful façades? “Rome's” spirit of “Dolce Vita”? The three views of beautiful Amsterdam? Or perhaps wintry “London at Christmas”?

Sonia Cavallini
Sonia Cavallini v

Sonia Cavallini is a Parisian illustrator and has launched her own stationery brand. Inspired by Russian motifs and vegetable paintings from the Middle Ages, her art is steeped in flowers and poetry. French and international brands and publishing houses regularly contact her with requests to create images for stationery, fabrics and creative craft books. Two of her illustrations are available from Pieces & Peace: “Balade Tropicale” showing beautiful pink flamingoes and the charming “Jardin Secret”.


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