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From 21st September to 31st December 2023, Pieces & Peace supports STUDHELP.

StudHelp is an organisation created to support students who experience food insecurity in the whole of France.

In addition to food donations, StudHelp creates significant social networks between individual volunteers and students in need. To date more than 10,000 students have been supported and a solid community of 6,000 donors has been created.

Join StudHelp in their mission to help students – any gesture, however small it may be, contributes to a significant impact in the lives of those in need. Become part of this initiative and an essential link in StudHelp's chain of solidarity!

Click here to find out more about the organisation and support it:


From 21st June to 20th September 2023, Pieces & Peace supported Le Rire Médecin.

Founded more than 30 years ago, Le Rire Médicin (”the medicinal laugh”) gives hospitalised children a chance to play and laugh, helping them to fight their illnesses. Each year, the association's 135 professional comedians and clowns visit 70 paediatric services and perform 90,000 times for sick children, their families and caregivers.

Pieces & Peace will support this organisation from 21st June to 20th September 2023: for each puzzle sold, 1 € will be donated to Le Rire Médecin.

By supporting Le Rire Médecin, we can help children and their families face hospital stays and all the anxieties these entail. We give children a chance to feel as carefree as they should at their age, and lend a helping hand while they conquer illnesses.

The performances in hospitals have many benefits:

- AThey bring joy to sick children: laughing helps chase away the anxiety and suffering due to the hospital stay.

- They comfort families: the minds of families (parents, brothers, sisters...) are taken off the children's illnesses.

- They help caregivers: by distracting from invasive treatments.

If you'd like to read more about this association and support them:

From 21st March to 20th June 2023, Peaces & Peace supported the French Food Bank network.
Pieces & Peace soutient le réseau des  Banques Alimentaires

Pieces & Peace has chosen to support the French Food Bank network (Banques Alimentaires): for each puzzle sold between 21st March et 20th June 2023, 1 € will be donated to this organisation.

The Food Banks are France's primary provider of food assistance. They are active in a number of fields:
- simultaneous fight against food scarcity and food waste
- use of food assistance to create social connections
- contribution to the improvement of the food being distributed
- constant adaptation to the changing needs of society and vulnerable persons, while respecting sustainable development goals

The Food Banks collect foodstuffs from suppliers such as distribution networks, farmers, the agri-food industry and, during the National Collection in November, from individuals. These foodstuffs are then distributed to persons receiving food assistance, through local organisations, social grocery stores and community centres.

Every year, more than 2 million people in France receive this support. The need for food assistance is often due to unforeseen changes in circumstances such as losing one's job, illness, a separation or divorce, or debts.

But the Food Banks face mounting difficulties: decreasing donations, rising costs (particularly those related to collecting products, energy prices, etc.). At the same time, it is feared that high inflation and rising food prices will lead to a rising need for assistance in populations living in food insecurity.

We want to do our part to show solidarity and support this organisation. Click here if you would like to contribute, too:

Banques Alimentaires

From 21st December 2022 to 20th March 2023 Pieces & Peace supported Eva pour la vie
Pieces & Peace supports Eva pour la vie

Organisations that help people who suffer are close to the hearts of Pieces & Peace. In fact, we committed to donating 1 € for each of our puzzles sold to an organisation working for peace and well-being in the world.

Currently, we support Eva pour la vie, an organisation that helps families with children suffering from cancer. Cancer is the most common cause of death from illnesses among children. Every year, 2.500 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer and 500 die of the illness.

Eva is active in several fields:

Help for families of sick children: The association organises events to brighten the daily life of hospitalised children, who suffer psychically and physically due to their illnesses. Eva also supports families financially, particularly by covering the costs of treatments, and helps them find places to stay close to their hospitalised children.

Financial help for research: Eva supports researchers financially, as the amounts currently dedicated to researching childhood cancer are insufficient and don't cover the costs of existing research projects. There is a shortfall of approximately 10 to 15 million euros every year.

Finally, Eva aims to alert the public and government to the lack of funds for cancer research. In fact, in some cases, such as brainstem tumors, only palliative treatments are available and the cancer is unfortunately fatal for the children diagnosed with it.

We want to do our part and support this organisation. This is why Pieces & Peace will donate 1 € for each puzzle sold from 21st December 2022 to 20th March 2023.

If you would like to learn more about this organisation and support its goals:

Eva pour la vie

From 18th August to 20th December 2022 Pieces & Peace supported SOS Méditerranée
Pieces & Peace supports SOS Méditerranée

Solidarity is part of Pieces & Peace's DNA: for each puzzle sold, we will donate 1 € to an organisation working for peace and well-being in the world. A different organisation will be selected each trimester. The organisation we'd like to help during our first months is very dear to us: SOS Méditerranée.

SOS Méditerranée is a humanitarian maritime search and rescue organisation created in 2015. Their mission is to help people in distress on the Mediterranean, provide them first aid, disembark them in a safe place, and to bear witness to the plight of people risking their life and becoming shipwrecked in search of a better world. Every month, the organisation's teams safe and look after several hundred survivors.

Since 2019, SOS Mediterranée operates the Ocean Viking, a vessel equipped specifically to rescue and care for survivors. On board, doctors, midwives and nurses look after people in distress. These medical teams work in conjunction with other professionals coordinating rescue operations (sailors, lifeboatmen). Each day on sea costs 14.000 € and 89 % of the organisation's costs are financed by private donations.

We cannot stay indifferent to these repeated shipwrecks on our coasts. We want to act and support this extraordinary and deeply humanitarian organisation. This is why Pieces & Peace will donate 1 € for each puzzle sold from the brand's going on sale in August 2022 until December 2022.

If you'd like to know more about this organisation and support them:

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